• Blackberry and plum Sauce Blackberry and plum sauce recipe (for 4) Ingredients: 4 medium plums (barely ripe). Small cherry plums (I call these wild plums) would […]
  • Apple Jam / Apple Jelly / Apple Cheese Jam Peel and core apples (put in separate pan for jelly), thinly slice; weigh, put in pan with […]
  • Generally, we are much more inclined to think about preserving in the late summer and autumn months. It’s when we can see winter looming, that we […]
  • Do yourself a fava—eat some Broad Beans (Vicia faba). Broad beans (also know as fava beans (as well as a many other names) - fava just being Italian for ‘broad’) have been eaten in the Mediterranean for 8000 years and have been found in the earliest human settlements.
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