Using blackberries…
August 14, 2018

Apple Jam / Apple Jelly / Apple Cheese


Peel and core apples (put in separate pan for jelly), thinly slice; weigh, put in pan with small quantity of water and 2 cloves per 1lb fruit in muslin bag; cook gently until tender; cool, put through liquidiser or sieve (removing cloves); return to pan with ¾lb preserving sugar per original lb apples, stirring until dissolved. Boil until set. Pot and cover.


Use peel, cores, windfalls (but not bruised pieces). Put quartered apples (plus peel etc) in pan with a little water; simmer until tender; strain through jelly bag (reserving pulp for butter); measure liquid and return to pan with 1lb sugar for 1pt juice, stirring to dissolve; boil fast to set. Pot and
cover. (To make herb jellies, add chopped herbs when setting point has reached and leave to cool for 10 mins before potting.)


Take pulp from jelly (or start fresh with quartered apples softened in a little water). Liquidise, then sieve. Weigh and return to pan with 1lb sugar per lb apple pulp. Sir until dissolved; boil rapidly until fairly stiff. Pot and cover.